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Ozias Bvute




Ozias Bvute is an experienced leader who has held various leadership positions in public service, industry, and finance. He believes every single day constitutes a new opportunity and one should consistently push himself to reach their full potential every single day, regardless of the obstacles life inevitably places in their way.

Currently, Ozias is a member of Parliament in Zimbabwe. He views it as an honor to be able to represent the citizens of his nation and he strives to do his best to play an active role in contributing towards the development and empowerment of the community he serves. While he never intended to pursue a political career, he believes that being called to lead is never for one’s own benefit. Rather, leaders rise up to benefit others and improve their quality of life through making positive, tangible and impactful change.

In his work with Parliament, Ozias Bvute’s main focus is on providing people in disadvantaged communities with the means to survive and sustain themselves. It is with this objective in mind that He founded the Figtree Foundation, which works with vulnerable communities in Goromonzi North to empower them through Economic Empowerment, Community Health Sanitation and Hygiene, and Agriculture and Infrastructure Development. The Foundation seeks to inspire, empower and guide people of all age groups who are faced with varying vulnerabilities that prevent them from realizing their full potential.

Ozias published his first book in 2018, titled, Reflections; a deeply insightful, thought-provoking and uplifting book that covers relevant topics such as forgiveness, goal-setting, stewardship, maintaining hope in the face of hardships, adapting to new seasons of life, trusting in God’s promises and timing, and much more. In a world that is becoming increasingly pessimistic, Ozias Bvute’s Reflections is a breath of fresh air and a source of hope to many. 

Crediting God as the source of his success and the centre of his focus and drive, Ozias Bvute devotes his free time to speaking at churches, schools and various social gatherings. Outside of his literary work, Ozias is committed to playing a role in the improvement of the quality of life in Zimbabwe, as such he uses his various influential positions to spearhead new initiatives that make a positive impact in communities.

As a businessman, Ozias Bvute empowers those around him with the critical skills that they need to succeed and to lead. He does not believe in being the sole captain of his ship, his ultimate goal is to be an all-around manager of innovative minds that keep up with the pace of the dynamic environment we live in, and for innovation to drive the enterprises that He is involved in. From a broader perspective, his dream is to continually find ways of enabling people to dream big dreams and create an environment that allows for those dreams to crystallize and come true. As such, Bvute makes a concerted effort to build and manage relationships that are mutually beneficial with everyone who works with, around, and under, him.

If you are interested in learning more about Ozias Bvute and his philosophy on leadership, be sure to visit his blog page.