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Leadership requires balancing the needs of different people in an organization. It’s not always an easy task, and leadership is not a natural trait for all people who take top jobs. However, one personality trait that plays a negative impact on being a great leader is hubris.


Hubris is a simple term that refers to anyone with too much pride and an overconfident nature. Confidence is a fantastic trait that inspires others to perform at their highest levels. Hubris, on the other hand, is not inspirational because the person is overestimating their abilities.


Past Success Is Not a Guarantee of Perfection


People who are running hot after a long string of successes can quickly think they’ve solved the equation. If they’re not careful, this feeling leads to overconfidence, which manifests itself in not listening to others.


Bad things happen when you’re sure that every move is correct and trusted confidantes are now uninteresting. Without counter-arguments and the willingness to be open-minded, this form of leadership will create rifts, and eventually, self destruct.


Encourage Debate to Combat Hubris


Listening to others will keep overconfidence in check. The person in charge remains the leader, so they’ll make the ultimate decision, but it’s worth considering diverse viewpoints in the meantime. Otherwise, they may be operating from inside a bubble, which is clouding judgment. That happens to anyone in a leadership position, so it’s nothing to keep people awake at night. It’s merely a challenge that is beatable with the proper mindset.


Debating with others will show them that their manager is considering their opinions. At the same time, it will also allow the person to articulate their leadership position precisely. Hashing out disagreements in a professional manner makes everyone better. Simply telling people that their opinion doesn’t matter is much more destructive.


Keep Focusing on Mission and Adding Value


Even executives benefit from focus. Rather than merely dictating policy, it’s a better plan to share the brand vision while focusing on adding value. Paying too much attention to personality details will create a distance between the business objectives and the people trying to achieve them. Enthusiastic leaders who are confident but not overly so will never go out of style. It’s worth the effort becoming that type.