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People achieve goals primarily through consistent application in whatever they are doing. It’s important to note that people’s actions are driven by their emotions and thoughts. If someone is feeling emotionally exhausted, they may be more susceptible to distraction and desire to deviate from their plan. A lack of focus can occur from exhaustion, boredom, distraction, et. The following are just a few methods to keep one’s attention and focus geared towards completing their goals:

Mindfulness Meditation

People’s thoughts can pose as major distractions and make focusing a lot harder. Negative thoughts can arise from subconscious beliefs or perceptions people have about themselves and others. In order to filter out the negative thoughts and control the mind, one can practice mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is when a person observes all of their thoughts as they arise and doesn’t judge those thoughts. In time, one will notice that those thoughts don’t surface as much.

Prepare the Day Before

Sometimes having too much on one’s plate can lead to distraction and mental fog. It’s as if a person doesn’t know where to start. People can stay focused on preparing the day prior. If they have to send emails, they can make a list of those contacts they need to reach out to in advance. Doing simple things like planning what to wear the day before also helps as well as writing down a schedule to adhere to effective time management. By doing this, a lot of time is saved and people are able to focus a lot better.

Incentivize Milestones

To stay focused and motivated, a person can write down there goals and make those goals visible as a constant reminder of what they need to do. They should also create incentives or rewards for reaching certain milestones. For example, an incentive for meeting a goal deadline could be treating one’s self to ice cream or taking an hour break to recuperate. Incentivizing completed tasks keeps one focused and also significantly reduces burnout.

Eliminate Distractions

When staying focused, distractions act as a huge obstacle in a person’s span of attention. To combat distractions, one can turn off their phone while completing a goal, turn off the television, make sure their kids are preoccupied, get proper sleep as well as remove any other devices that may distract them from completing their task.