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Many people know the importance of having a competent leader and they will list the needed qualities. However, some leadership flaws can cause employees to leave, so you should avoid those qualities. Keep an eye out on these ones so that you can create a good environment and increase your employee retention.


Pride is interesting: most people don’t notice when they act prideful. It’s something that makes the prideful person feel good while making people around them annoyed or upset. As a leader, you need to maintain humility and avoid prideful feelings.

Pride occurs when you try to elevate yourself above other people. Make sure to recognize the work of others and to pay attention to their struggles. See your employees as equals and team members rather than as your subordinates.


Your employees may sometimes feel stressed at work, so you don’t want to add to it by making negative comments. This doesn’t mean that you have to constantly walk around with a smile, but you should avoid saying bad things about the work day.

When you create a negative environment and make bad comments the whole time, people will want to find a different place to work. Make sure that you try your best to maintain a positive mindset to encourage it in the workplace.


You should never gossip about your employees or anyone else. Doing so will make people feel like you’re two-faced and only pretending to like them. After all, if you gossip about other people, then they will think that they gossip about them.

Instead, you should focus on complimenting people behind their backs. This will help your other employees to think highly of each other while showing that you’re nice. On top of that, the person you complimented will eventually find out about it and appreciate your kind words.


As a leader, you need to direct your employees by using positive characteristics. You also need to remove the negative ones from your life so that you can maintain the respect of your employees. Make sure to treat everyone well and encourage positivity so that you can increase the retention in your work environment.