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Giving people the benefit of the doubt comes easy for some people. They are open to weighing both sides of the story and trust almost blindly. They are also happy with their choices and probably practice compassionate reasoning as well.

Others, however, aren’t so quick to let people off the hook, even if they’re innocent. Maybe they were scorned in the past and have a hard time trusting people. Or, it might just be the personality to always think people are up to no good.

Regardless of why someone is less than open to giving someone the benefit of doubt, there are reasons why everyone should master it.

Stress Reliever

Distrust does more than stir negative emotions. It’s a stress-inducing feeling and can cause a variety of negative consequences, including migraine headaches, high blood pressure and an overall feeling of being unwell.

When the situation warrants it, giving people the benefit of doubt sets one free from negatively. For some people, it’s almost a feeling of relief knowing they don’t need to carry around negative emotions. And someone feels good emotionally, it flows outward and radiates physically.

Boosts Productivity

Learning how to give someone the benefit of the doubt can also boost productivity levels. Those who live in a constant state of questioning everyone else’s motives are often less productive than those who do.

Since being leery is a negative emotion, it’s usually accompanied other negative feelings as well. And once the ball of distrust gets rolling, it can be tough to stop it. Especially when it comes to working with colleagues, one thing can lead to another, which can bring productivity to a screeching halt.

Increased Self-Confidence

Although not written in stone, most people who are quick to judge oftentimes suffer from lower levels of self-confidence. Not that they are confident in what they do, but when someone is always on edge thinking others aren’t being honest, it’s again an indication that they’ve been treated poorly in the past.


Understanding the true meaning behind giving the benefit of the doubt is more than giving forgiveness. Once someone is truly able to see and give the benefit of the doubt, it’s liberating.